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Grandeur Of Stay...

The words utmost cozy can come closer to the accommodation at Watermelon. We have taken everything in to consideration while we designed the types of accommodation we would offer at Watermelon… among the trees nurtured for about 10 years we have created residences to suit the relaxation needs of everyone.


A modern day requirement of younger generation is to go for Tents when they are on an an outing. We have added air conditioning comforts to the same with independent courtyards. The snug tents with a warmth of their own with welcoming colors will bring you closer…


Our cottages are based on the theme of togetherness. Each cluster has a courtyard and arrangements can also be provided for a Bonfire. Complete with privacy of a palace this is a place for peers and mentors arriving for addressing a conference or the like…


Our concept of DORM is kind of a dormitory where you could share proximity of the people of your genre. This is an excellent accommodation option for groups coming out on a relaxation and enjoyment tour. Your group can use 26 bunk expanse at this DORM in cozy air conditioned atmosphere.


Many of us today would like to experience something new while we are on a pleasure trip. One of the simplest of these would be your stay at a CAMPING TENT. Watermelon has specific facilities for camping tents and the same can be arranged as required based on the number of people in a group intending to use Camping Tents.